Dewatering Press

Rely on the most efficient presses in the industry with improved seals
and exclusive pre-drainage screen technology, leading to fewer dry solids
and lower moisture content for fiber & germ applications.

Twin Paddle Mixer

Order the most “bulletproof” paddle mixer in the business and mix with
retention time, add dry return to wet product and integrate unbreakable
quality already tested and at work in the field.

Triple Ribbon Screw Conveyor Flight

Purchase with confidence the same engineered quality of sectional flights
that you expect from all our custom screw conveyors. SEP offers CEMA
standard flights, custom sizes and fast service with no minimum quantities.

Superior Products  •  Exceptional Customer Service  •  Unquestioned Reliability

Summerlot Engineered Products, Inc. has been family owned and operated since 1988 and specializes
in professional engineering, fabrication, manufacturing services and metal sales.
Conveyor Systems & Replacement Parts

Please call or email us today to take advantage of our large inventory of stock items, CEMA standard and replacement parts at competitive pricing. MORE

Custom Equipment

Questions about material handling needs?  Customer specifications combined with our engineering experience and manufacturing standards ensure complete quality every time. MORE

Metal Sales

Customers can depend on SEP for all their metal needs. Our team is available Monday through Saturday for sales and Monday through Friday for shop services. MORE

Fabrication, Machine &
Repair Services

SEP provides in plant inspections to help solve chronic problems, save on costs and salvage useful components.  We also offer CNC plasma/ flame cutting, shearing, breaking, rolling, drilling, punching, etc. MORE

About SEP

Summerlot Engineered Products, Inc. (SEP) utilizes real world engineering practices based on machine design, fatigue analysis and reliability to attack the financial burden of inefficient manufacturing equipment.  We look at our clients’ cost of shut downs, maintenance budgets and overall return on investments to provide performance focused solutions. MORE

Member of the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) since 1990
What Our Customers Have Come to Expect
SEP’s highly experienced manufacturing manager, shop superintendant and manufacturing/ shop team are determined to provide superior output and equipment longevity.
With a combined background of 62 years of professional engineering and field experience, our team is sure to have the solution to your problem.
Whether you need help with a shut down, billing, delivery issues, engineering or shop services, we understand the importance of our customer’s production hours and are available 24/7 for emergency situations.

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